Doc John Hinds. Let's be the best at this.

Dr. John Hinds was a remarkable clinician and inspiration to many through his unorthodox combination of being a fantastically talented clinician and educator, as well as a motorcycle enthusiast with a ponytail.

Odhran's Story

Odhran McKenna, a 17 year old male was involved in a serious road traffic collision in February 2016. His vehicle left the road and collided ‘side on’ with a large tree, trapping the seriously injured schoolboy inside.

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Our vision

Our vision, is to turn the dream of Dr John Hinds into a reality,in the establishment of a world class Doctor & Paramedic delivered, prehospital service in Northern Ireland which will save lives.

It is committed to the establishment of an appropriately trained Doctor/Paramedic team delivering a Helicopter Emergency Medical Service (HEMS). John's vision was to see a Doctor-Paramedic team within Northern Ireland's HEMS service. This brings the resuscitation room to the patient. With this model in place HEMS patients are 25-40% more likely to survive.

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Dr John Hinds

Who is Doc John?

Dr John Hinds was an anaesthetist, intensivist, prehospital and trauma resuscitation specialist.

He was a pioneer in advanced prehospital trauma care and master educator of all those who were privileged to work with him. He was renowned worldwide for his skills, wit and ability. He tragically died while providing medical cover during a motorcycling road race in July 2015. Before his death John had begun the groundwork to have a dedicated doctor & Paramedic delivered emergency medical service in Northern Ireland. He wanted to save more lives. It is up to us to continue where John left off... Inspiring others to be the best.

Who are we?

We are a team of doctors and paramedics, who along with Johns' partner Dr Janet Acheson and the Hinds family are committed to ensure the highest standards in prehospital care.

The group consist of local Emergency Medicine, Anaesthetic and Intensive Care Medicine Consultants along with BASICS (British Association of Immediate Care) Doctors and paramedics who have worked with, trained closely with and been inspired by John.

Other prehospital experts from world class services such as Sydney HEMS and London HEMS are involved in the group, helping with teaching, training and advising.

The team is not a fund raising organisation and everyone associated with it give their time voluntarily.

What we do

Promote the importance of a doctor/paramedic team within a pre-hospital HEMS and ground service.

  • Ensure high standards and skills are maintained in pre-hospital medicine
  • Provide ongoing advice, research, training and Continuous Professional Development (CPD) in advanced pre-hospital prehospital trauma care
  • Develop the speciality of pre-hospital medicine from student to independent practitioner

Why pre-hospital trauma care?

Trauma is No.1 Killer of under 40yr olds worldwide.

World Health Organisation (WHO). Injuries and violence: the facts. Geneva, Switzerland: WHO; 2010

In the UK & Ireland Trauma will be No.2 in Life years lost due to premature death & disability by 2020.

World Health Organisation (WHO). Injuries and violence: the facts. Geneva, Switzerland: WHO; 2010

The societal cost of accidental injury in Northern Ireland is estimated to exceed £4.3 billion annually

Northern Ireland Public Health Agency Figures

The Doctor & Paramedic team is considered the standard in pre-hospital trauma care.

Enhanced pre-hospital care brought to the patient (Brings the Resuscitation Room to the patient) allows:

  • Appropriate time critical interventions e.g. restoring and supporting airway, breathing & circulation, and protecting the brain. Life, eye and limb saving operations at the side of the road (e.g. thoracotomy, escharotomy, lateral canthotomy).
  • Advanced therapeutics (e.g. analgesia, anaesthetics & blood transfusion, tranexamic acid, procedural sedation for extrication/fracture reduction)
  • Advanced Diagnostics (e.g ultrasound to diagnose internal bleeding, blood tests)
  • Critical decision making - reducing time to definitive treatment (i.e transporting a bleeding trauma patient directly to a pre-notified waiting operating theatre rather than the emergency department).
  • Improved survival - HEMS patients are 25-40% more likely to survive.

After John's death, his friends Dr Mark Forrest (The ATACC Group) & Jonah Roche (Skillshop) produced a pin to remember John Hinds during our day to day work and be #pinspired.

People wear the pins worldwide to remember John, which is a source of high pride for us. Skillshop allocate all funds raised from the pin to sponsor doctor and paramedic ancillary training costs in preparation for the new Northern Ireland Helicopter Emergency Medical Service (NIHEMS), which would have been a cause close to John's heart.

If you wish to purchase a pin click here


January 2017

Odhran’s Story

Odhran McKenna, a 17 year old male was involved in a serious road traffic collision in February 2016.


Delta 7 Members

  • Dr Aidan Cullen (Consultant Anaesthetist, Craigavon Area Hospital)
  • Dr Andrew Johnston (Specialist Registrar, Emergency Medicine)
  • Dr Andrew Topping (Consultant Anaesthetist and Intensive Care Medicine, Antrim Area Hospital)
  • Andrew McFarlane (Paramedic)
  • Dr Campbell Brown (Consultant Emergency Medicine, South West Acute Hospital)
  • Ciaran McKenna (Paramedic)
  • Dr Darren Monaghan (Consultant Emergency Medicine, Ulster Hospital)
  • Dr Davy Green (Consultant Emergency Medicine, Antrim Area Hospital)
  • Dr Fred MacSorley (GP and BASICs Doctor)
  • Glen Weir (Paramedic)
  • Dr Janet Acheson (Consultant Obstetrician and Gynaecologist, Daisy Hill Hospital. John’s Partner)
  • Dr Karen Goddard (Consultant Anaesthetist, Royal Victoria Hospital)
  • Mark Anderson (Paramedic)
  • Dr Rory Maguire (Consultant Anaesthetist, Belfast City Hospital)
  • Dr Rosalind O’Reilly (Specialist Registrar, Anaesthetics and Intensive Care Medicine)
  • Glenn O’Rourke (Paramedic)
  • Dr Sinead Campbell-Gray (Consultant Emergency Medicine, Royal Victoria Hospital)
  • Stuart Stevenson (Paramedic) 

International Advisors

  • Dr Brian Burns (Clinical Associate Professor of Emergency Medicine, Prehospital and Retrieval Specialist Greater Area Sydney HEMS)
  • Dr Gareth Davies (Medical Director, London HEMS) 
  • Dr Mark Wilson (Consultant Neurosurgeon, and Emeritus Doctor London HEMS) 
  • Neil Duncan-Sinclair (Consultant Paramedic, Scotland)
  • Cliff Reid